Monday, 7 April 2014

Your presence...

And off to NS I go in about an hour's time. Still feels kinda surreal..

I'm gonna miss loads of stuff. My 2 babes (guitars), the youths, the worship team, the four pigs :), the ongoing 'drama' in youth, the Champions League final, Jesus Culture...., my music, my bed, futsal sessions with Ken, my small group aka stalker's group, family, pork... There's more I'm sure.

But most of all, I'm gonna miss you so much.

The very sight of you brings comfort to my soul. Like cold breeze on a hot day; like a hot cup of coffee on a chilling morning. None can compare to you. At least for now.. But what we have, I believe, is special. When I am in my distress, you never fail to rescue me. To show me that there is a way. You have dealt with a lot of my crap, literally. And for that I thank you, unceasingly. It's true what they don't know what you've got till it's gone.

I will miss you most, dearest toilet.

Cheers pigs. See y'all soon.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Awake, awake my soul!

My mum tasked me to finish a book titled Under Cover by John Bevere before I leave for NS, saying that God asked her to tell me to read it. And boy, did I need it. I've never felt more convicted reading a book before. I had truths revealed to me that blew my mind away. Not literally, but mai goodness I was left speechless a few times. It helped me deal with questions I had about authority, in the church, in society, and even at home. About rebellion, and how it can kill your spirit-man and the church. And rebelling is something I'm really good at..more on that some other time.

It helps that the theme for March was on salt and light. And after hearing the testimony of one of the youths in his school, I feel encouraged to do the same. Did you know I've never witnessed to anyone ever? Pathetic christian right here. But God can make something out of nothing. And I'm holding on to the hope that He'll do the same for me.

Kinda bummed I'm gonna miss Jesus Culture though. Byebye Kunde. :(

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

felix culpa

And still I’m a wicked, wretched man. I do everything I hate.
I am fighting to be god, I seethe and claw and thrash and shake.
I have killed and stacked the dead, on a throne from which I reign.
In the end I just want blood, and with His blood my hands are stained.
See the God who reigns on high, He has opened His own veins.
From His wounds a rushing torrent that can wash it all away.
Grace upon grace, upon grace, upon grace.


My favorite part from the song. *goosebumps*

Good job, smartass..

He proceeds to leave the room, whilst lighting up a cigarette.

He stands in the doorway, managing a word with me in between puffs.

You're too smart for your own good, kid.

Then he closes the door behind him.