Thursday, 22 March 2018


temporary, temporary.

even if for a thousand years, this pain is still temporary.

Monday, 19 March 2018


and after all this pain, you'll find that the sky has never been bluer, the leaves on the trees never greener. all of a sudden, life bursts with color and vibrance all over again. life feels like.. what it's meant to be. like what we've always dreamed about as kids.

the songs of the sparrows are no longer mocking. the waters in the rivers no longer gray and dull. the heat of the sun on our skin has never been more welcome.

the seasons change. now, it's spring time again.

if only we could stay a little longer.

Sunday, 4 March 2018


tell me that there is more to life than this. there must be more.

tell me that i am more. that i am more than just a statistic. that i am more than just a number in a collection of data. that i am more than just a percentage in a demographic. that i am more than an individual in a collective.

tell me that life is more. more than a never-ending carousel that we've all accidentally bought a ticket to. more than moments of maybes and whatifs and whatcouldhavebeens. more than a losing battle. more than a bleeding struggle. more than this sick prank.

tell me that there is more than this darkness. tell me that there is light. that there is a rainbow.

tell me that there is hope.

tell me there is more.

promise me there's more.

Friday, 2 March 2018

fade to


intense. blinding.

darkness that makes your eyes cry and retinas burn for color. for white or grey. for anything.

anything, but this.

how we long to glimpse with innocent eyes again.

how we long to unseal the shuttered windows and barricaded doors of our hearts again.

but fear, oh fear, today claims to be the landlord; our souls are just tenants.

some days we see light. some days we see rays of vibrant colors piercing our shadow. some days we hear shouts and songs of One whose voice sounds like rushing waters.

but not today.